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Cirrus Logic today introduced a pair of digital MEMS microphones

Cirrus Logic today introduced a pair of digital MEMS microphones that achieve best-in-class audio performance and power consumption in a compact 3.5 x 2.65 mm package. Boasting a 66 dB signal-to-noise ratio at 650 µA current consumption and an acoustic overload point of 131 dB Sound Pressure Level (SPL), the CS7250B supports the lowest noise and the lowest power consumption in the industry. The wide dynamic range between the noise floor and acoustic overload point enables high-fidelity audio recording in both quiet and loud environments.


With more than 100 dB of dynamic range, the microphones allow low-level audio content such as classical music or voice to be recorded without background hiss, while also ensuring that very loud sounds such as rock concerts and wind noise don’t cause distortion in the microphone. The CS7250B also includes an ultra low power mode, consuming just 160 µA of current at 62 dB signal-to-noise ratio, less than half the current of competitive microphones. This low power mode has been optimized for always-on voice control applications and trigger-phrase detection.


Cirrus Logic’s CS7257B includes the same performance and features as the CS7250B and is the company’s first microphone compatible with the MIPI Alliance SoundWire® standard. SoundWire is a next generation multi-device, bi-directional data and control bus being deployed in smartphones, personal computers and other consumer electronics devices. It offers fewer wires for audio signal routing and enables microphones to communicate with and be controlled by the host processor for the first time. Future microphones from Cirrus Logic will leverage the SoundWire interface, together with Cirrus Logic’ smart codecs and SoundClear® software solutions, to deliver significant improvements in system level performance, new features and power consumption benefits.


“Customers are demanding microphones that deliver higher performance at lower power to simultaneously improve the sound quality and lengthen the battery life of their products,” said Brad Fluke, vice president and general manager of Cirrus Logic’s MEMS Microphone Division. “The CS7250B is our highest performance microphone, offering superior audio quality on the input, while significantly lowering microphone power for always-on voice detection. The SoundWire interface that we’ve included on the CS7257B is an important step forward for audio system optimization. With the inclusion of these advanced digital microphones, customers can utilize our complete line of audio products to optimize their audio systems for superior overall performance.”


Packaging and Availability


CS7250B and CS7257B samples are available now in 3.5 x 2.65 x 0.98 mm bottom port LGA packages.

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